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very nice
Perfect works great for iTunes! :)
Works as it should, use it for a Long time now. Developer answers fast if you have Problems. He even restored my License Key. Keep up the good work! :)
Congratulations, it is an excellent piece of software, it is perfectly suited to my needs. Works great on Windows 8.1, I use it with Winamp 5.55 to issue my TV channel of local terrestrial circuit cable.
As for requests:
• Could you add what the next track to play
• It starts with Windows systray minimized mode
• With your permission will try to translate it into Spanish, for comfort in my personal use
• Add a list of commands to read more data TAG
I forgot
• Being able to customize the message when the player is not playing. Example: "Now we continue with more video"

I find errors:
• The "output_directory" button to choose a new path is not working properly, I had to tweak the file (config.ini) "... SMG 1.63 beta \ config" so that by redirecting.
Thank you very much.

Te felicito, es una excelente pieza de software, se adapta perfectamente a mis necesidades. Funciona muy bien en Windows 8.1, yo lo uso con Winamp 5.55 para emitir mi canal de TV en un circuito de cable terrestre local.
En cuanto a peticiones:
• Podrías añadirle cual es la siguiente pista a reproducir
• Que se inicie con Windows en modo systray minimizado
• Con tu permiso tratare traducirlo al español, para comodidad en mi uso personal
• Añadir una lista de comandos para que lea más datos TAG
Se me olvidaba
• Poder personalizar el mensaje cuando no esté jugando el reproductor. Ejemplo: “ahora continuamos con más videos”
Errores que halle:
• El botón “output_directory” para elegir una nueva ruta no funciona correctamente, tuve que retocar el archivo (config.ini) “…SMG 1.63 beta\config” para que se re direccionara.
Muchas gracias.
Works perfectly with itunes and youtube!
SMG is really great but SoundCloud Works for me not. If what I'm doing flasch please tell me how to do it
Product does NOT work properly. Spent 2 days trying to get it work right, couldn't. Sometimes the program would "work", but not the way you'd think. In order for it to update the song (and keep it updated), you have to stay on the tab that the music is coming from (for me, it was Pandora). If I clicked off the Chrome tab that had Pandora, the song would disappear and only display " - " on my stream. So uh, yeah... Good luck playing video games and streaming them when you can't even click on the game or else this program will stop working.

Tried to reach out to the developer, they haven't responded to my email in about 2 weeks. Opened a PayPal claim to get my money back, they didn't even respond to that.

Save yourself about $10 and look for another program to do what you need. This one is JUNK!!!
The concerns raised by this review are true, I had not responded to the email nor the issue raised on Paypal.

Although I don't feel like I can reasonably apologie to Manapot himself at this point since it's way too late, I would like to add that the technical issues he raised have all been addressed by updates to the program.

I've made it a rule to respond to each and every e-mail and Twitter reply, to make sure frustrating situations like these won't happen in the future.