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Non-Free SMG now playing 2.22

V2.21 comes with many fixes and improvements!
  • Fix for MPC-HC
  • Fix for AIMP3, newer v4.5 layout wasn't supported. Works now!
  • Added target installation directory option to setup script
  • SMG will now automatically strip extensions from song names, ie no more .mp3, .flac, .mp4 etc
  • Fix for
  • Fix for certain soundcloud pages, where no artist would be shown
  • Add support for
  • Add support for Tunein radio
  • Add support for IHeartRadio
  • Add support for
  • Simplify Foobar2000 support by supporting ColumnsUI out-of-the-box
  • Fixed a bug where the edit output options weren't working
  • Added further output editing options; uppercase and lowercase
  • Greatly reduced resource usage for certain desktop music players (up to 10% cpu usage reduce, very significant fix!)
  • SMG now comes with a setup program
As always, download is available here:
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SMG release v2.15 comes with support for the melon 4 music player, as well as support for amazon music. Additionally, we've added support for the vivaldi browser.

For amazon music, you need to use the web plugin, which you can get here:
Time for a new update!
Download for new version here

It's time for a new version, I've made some pretty big improvements over the last version.
Behold version 2.14, this version brings something people have been asking for for over two years. The ability to minimize to system tray! Additionally, I've added support for a few other music players, and I got rid of all files in the SMG folder.

Full changelog

1. Added support for nerdbot song requests
2. Added support for phantombot song requests
3. Added support for hypemachine online radio
4. Added support for tidal online radio
5. Added support for driveplayer online music player, use it by selecting the google play music player
6. Added minimize to system tray feature
7. Made SMG's distribution one beautiful single file, no more confusing and cluttering files

Last and definitely not least, this will be a big help for the people who use the groovemarklet a lot, I've developed a Chrome extension that completely automates the groovemarklet process away. All you have to do is install the extension, and SMG should automatically pick-up the songs playing on supported websites. You do still have to pick the right music player in SMG itself though. You can get the extension here

As always, you can download it here
It's time for release 2.0

- SMG is now even sturdier. You can remove, break and rename any configuration file, directory or resource and smg will fix itself. Magic!
- I've systematically tested every single music player one-by-one, fresh installations of every player. All music players are known to be working, unless otherwise specified
There are problems with:
- Zune and Windows Media Player, they may not work on all systems. You could try running SMG as administrator, but these are NOT guaranteed to work.
- MPC-HC, takes song names from filenames, so you'll get song names like "Eagle Fly Free.mp3" instead of "Helloween - Eagle Fly Free"
Sony Music Unlimited and Grooveshark do not exist anymore, so support has been removed for these music players.
- Fixed foobar double song-name issue
- Fixed soundcloud
- Removed Grooveshark ;(
- Added support for post-update spotify, old spotify remains supported under "spotify before update"
- Fixed Groovemarklet for certain browsers
- Icons are back!
- YouTube now doesn't display that it needs groovemarklet anymore (since it doesn't!)
- Fixed output folder option

The new version can be bought at
- Fixed a crash for Windows Vista users, hopefully.
- Fixed a crash that happened on SMG startup, hopefully.
- Fixed a bug with enabling and disabling players
- Fixed a bug where if you had no enabled players, SMG would still start with your last selected application, even if it's not in the list :(
- Edited the Groovemarklet message for the applications that require it. It's now a bit more clear.

- Added Opera support.