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  1. hachi225

    Obs Crashed because of the audio capture window pluging, and I can't get it to work properly

    I have been streaming for about a week or so, and I wanted to play some music but have it not play in the video posted on twitch, thing is, it started to crash a LOT and I have no idea what to do, there doesn't seems to be any pluging that I can use as alternative... so... yeah... I will attach...
  2. SuperZombi

    Melody Monitor 0.2.0

    Shows what the music is playing now. This plugin allows you to display what music is currently playing on your broadcast. This is useful in cases where viewers want to know what song is currently playing and allows the streamer not to be distracted by these types of messages in the chat. The...
  3. I


    Hello good people :D. Basically I got an audio output capture source in my OBS which is my screen audio, which obviously captures my spotify when music playing. I have this screen audio checked on all 6 tracks so any audio from my screen can be heard in VOD, which means if I add spotify in an...
  4. K

    Spotty audio on YouTube live stream

    Hi! I just bought a new laptop ideal for live streaming, and I downloaded OBS. I plugged in a WebCam because I need to stream from a camera facing the opposite direction. I’m being told from my YouTube subscribers that the audio is breaking up when I play music, but that my voice is fine. Can...
  5. Z

    Problem with Tuna Plugin

    I recently formated my pc and reinstalled tuna so people could see which song is playing, the thing is, rn when i write %t to show the song title, instead it just shows a giant %T and does not show the title properly. Image that shows the issue...
  6. T

    OBS for MUSIC gig, streaming everyone to my computer

    Hello, I run an online gig where the artists individually stream one after the other to the same channel, leaving short gaps in between sets. This is messy to me and means I can’t use an overlay for the whole stream. Is there a way they can stream to my computer, using mine like a hub, so I have...
  7. L

    I want to play music on stream but not on the recording

    I'm trying to use Voicemeeter Banana, but I'm having trouble just having my music app run through Voicemeeter and then have it play in the stream but not the recording. Can you help?
  8. A.Lapys

    Free Display the song title on the stream screen 0.0.1

    We needed an app to display the song title on the stream screen. So I decided to write it myself, in the end I got this application. It will be completed and in fact it is now a beta version of the application. The main thing: The application is made for ease of use and looks exactly like this...
  9. 3

    Playing music in stream for viewers only(muted on desktop)

    So just as the title says. Quick simple tutorial on how to play music while streaming, so only your viewers can hear it. I've tested it with spotify, VLC, winamp and wmp on Windows 10 pro Click here for the Tutorial Video(youtube) -Easy to setup -No additional software needed -works with...
  10. G

    Streaming music without recording music.

    So im using streamlabs obs to stream games on twitch, i like to have music in the backround as iam not verry good at talking. since the begining it has been my intent to edit the streams down and put them on youtube but the music is in the way, iam simply wondering if there is anny simple way to...
  11. D

    Question / Help ZOOM Q2n 4K Camera to OBS VIDEO AND AUDIO syncing for Livestream

    Hi guys new to the forum! I need help with the Zoom Q2n 4k camera Im using as a webcam to live stream so I can do drum videos for Facebook live. My objective is to be able to play along to tracks from Spotify and have no issues with delay from audio and video while doing so. Can someone help me...
  12. BoScotty

    Question / Help VLC Media Source Audio to fade out when changing scenes?

    Like many OBS users here, I use VLC media source to have music playing in the background. But have a few scenes where I don't have music playing, so when I switch to these scenes, the music abruptly stops. I'm wondering if there's a way I can have the Vlc media source audio smoothly transition...
  13. S

    Free Tidal Simple Song Grabber (Windows Only) 2019-06-02

    I decided to make a tool to grab song names from Tidal to use with OBS labels since the only one that exists only worked with the web browser and costs money. In order to use the tool, simply click enable and a file titled "CurrentSongDetails.txt" will be created in the same location as the .exe...
  14. L

    [Windows 10] Seperate audios and distribute to 3 tracks: to hear, to stream and to record

    Important: this guide only works on Windows 10. No idea if it could work on Windows 8 since I've never used Windows 8 or 8.1. But I'm sure Windows 7 and below can't. Important: make sure you know basically how to configure Windows 10 (especially sound) and OBS. There is a similar guide about...
  15. P

    Question / Help How to get Spotify current track info while live streaming on Chaturbate (MAC!)

    Hey guys! So I know that it's possible to have the current track info shown on an OBS stream from Spotify on Windows, and for Twitch, but haven't been able to find a way to do so on Mac. Also I'll be streaming on Chaturbate, if that information is pertinent. (Not sure how much crossover there is...
  16. Mubert

    Generative Music for Live Streaming (Mubert & OBS Integration)

    Hi, OBS community! My name is Alex, I am the founder of Mubert — the real-time music generation software. I have an idea to integrate Mubert AI into OBS Studio. And I need OBS contributors team to advise and help us. The algorithm behind Mubert creates infinite royalty-free music stream with...
  17. V

    Music Shower (Now playing, length of song, volume)

    i was wondering how to show what music you're playing kinda like how Etika .
  18. char

    [Linux] [OSX] Essential Now Playing on Linux

    NOTE: This was tested solely on Ubuntu 17.10, so though this can work on OSX, you will have to work out those details. I really like to show the current song that is playing on my stream. Most of the music I listen to is on YouTube, so I would like to display the title of the video I'm...
  19. CaptainSteamFox

    Non-OBS Script grab-song

    CaptainSteamFox submitted a new resource: grab-song - BASH script for grabbing the song info and album art from any MPRIS enabled media players! Read more about this resource...
  20. A

    Non-Free SMG now playing 2.22

    This is a tool made for streamers who want to display their music on their stream. Current version v2.17 Download link Youtube video guide SMG web plugin What programs does it support? Desktop music players: Foobar2000 AIMP3 Winamp VLC media player Spotify iTunes Mediamonkey Zune Jriver...