Hello everyone, Theres been a slight update with Spotify which broke the txt clearing mechanism for premium users but has now been fixed. To get this fix redownload the lastest version of the application. V1.28
Added sub prefixes, to set a sub prefix start the program and it will create a new config.json file and then look for "subprefix" and change null to "(Whatever you want you're prefix to be.)"

So if you changed subprefix to be "Current song - " like shown below it will place 'Current song - ' in front of all songs in the text file.

Which will look like this.

"spacing": null,
"subprefix": "Current song - '"
Once you have changed the config.json remember to restart the application.

Kind regards.
V1.27 Has now been released, auto clears text files when paused or closed.
Fixed hyphen spiting problem.
Fixed args error.
Spotify Free caused OBSCurrentSong to crash.

Thanks for all the support if you encounter an issue feel free to contact me.
Added two new TXT files artist & song allowing you to have the artists name and song sepreate.

This suggestion was by @EhlmoraYT on Twitter. Thanks again.

Have any issues feel free to contact me at https://twitter.com/esrotinx
If you'd like to donate which isn't required by any means.
Added a support html page which opens when you open the application for the first time, with information about OBSCurrentSong and how to use it.
Spacing has been added you can now add as much spaces at the end of the song text. To do so edit the config.json file with your favorite editor, as shown below in the video.


Special thanks to Mepharees for the suggestion.

Other information -


Best regards