1. Z

    OBS Python MIXXX - music data exfiltrator 1.0

    This plug in extract the title and artist meta information from MIXXX a very cool DJ Software. Ths script was developed and tested on linux (ubuntu). Currenty I have no idea if it works under differen linux distros or even on windows. Try it out an let me now.
  2. T

    Question / Help Not Capturing Everything From Clip Studio Paint

    I'm having this issues which I can't find a solution to. I'm using Window Capture to capture CSP, but it doesn't show the whole application. I had try going to settings and changed to canvas base size to a bigger, but that didn't do much. I have done some research, and all of it has leaded me to...
  3. Rotinx

    Free OBSCurrentSong (Spotify) V1.28

    Displaying the current song playing on Spotify! Usage. 1. Create a folder and extract the zip file in the folder. 2. Open OBSCurrentlyPlaying.exe 3. Go to OBS create a text source then press tick "Read from file" then select the text file where you placed in the folder you first created...
  4. N

    Question / Help OBS Studio Freezing Wacom Graphics Monitor!?

    I'm running Windows 10 (creative update) on a custom Asus build. I'm an illustrator working full-time. Recently, over the past 8 or so months give or take, every time I begin to stream or record with OBS Studio my pen loses connection with my screen. My Wacom Cintiq freezes, as if OBS messes...