NowPlaying Widget [Spotify/Youtube/Soundcloud]

Free NowPlaying Widget [Spotify/Youtube/Soundcloud]

- You can now get the previous song played through a command.
(You can get the new URL through the dashboard)

- You can now use your own spotify keys!
This completely removes rate limiting/slow refreshes when using your own keys.
You can find a tutorial on how to set it up in our discord.

- There was a bug where users couldn't change their password, this is now fixed.
- There was a bug within the email verification system, this has been resolved and re-enabled!
NowPlaying has been updated to V2
Did some prep work for 2.0!
Releasing this weekend!
Fixed an issue with the Green design, Non english song titles would get cut out.
Fixed a design issue with one of the designs.
Fixed an issue where StreamElements wouldnt show in some designs.
Fixed a issue that caused the Spotify Connect page to not load.
Switched server US1 to Hetzner
Fixed an issue with name scrolling, there was an issue that caused the scrolling to be stuck.
Fixed an backend issue that caused slow widget loading.