NowPlaying Widget [Spotify/StreamElements/NightBot]

Free NowPlaying Widget [Spotify/StreamElements/NightBot]

Hey, New big update!
This update includes:

- Dashboard redesign!
The new dashboard is now more (new) user friendly.
Smoother design then the last one.
This also came with dashboard bug fixes.

Also thanks for 1500 users much appreciated!

If there are any issue's with this update or in general please make a ticket in our discord!

Some pictures of the new design:

Fixed a issue where spotify wouldnt connect due to database issue.
Fixed a issue where spotify connecting was forwarding to the wrong link.
Hey, New update :)

This update includes:
- Fixed if StreamElements is enabled it would cancel song skipping when skipping spotify song.
- Dashboard now has colors & initials avatar.
- General performance improvements in widget.

- 2 New designs (Green & Aiden Wallis(Redesign) )

(If you have more design idea's make a ticket :))

If there are any issue's with this update or in general please make a ticket!
- Added dark version of the rotating design.
This update includes:

- Able to change widget design.
Just go to your profile settings and there should be a option there.

(Currently only Spotify works with the rotating design! Will notify once this is fixed.)

Here is a peak at a new design you can select:

(More designs to come).

- Updated Spotify/NightBot pages they should look better now.
Fixed a issue for streamelements and nightbot where the widget would close instantly when playing a song.
Added connected username in spotify connected footer!
* Fixed a issue where the api wouldnt grab a new token for a user from spotify!
^ You might need to reconnected your spotify account.
* New login design!
* New dashboard design!
* Backend optimalization!
* Made some improvements to the text scrolling in the player.