• Add "Close File when Inactive" option. Note that the plugin already only loads one file at a time; this option makes it so it doesn't keep holding the CURRENT file when it is not playing.
  • Add speed option upon request of @ne0lines (on discord). Note that changing the speed WILL cause the media source to restart, as the media source in OBS restarts when you change speed. To ensure smooth scrolling on the speed option, the plugin no longer refreshes the Properties when a setting is changed. Consequently, I have added a dedicated button to refresh the "Current Filename" in the Properties.
Fix crash with empty or shuffled folder

Thanks to @KronosRazer on OBS Discord server for finding this crash and testing the update!
Fixed hotkeys and playback behavior
  • Fixed hotkey names not appearing properly
  • Fixed next and previous hotkeys not working
  • Fixed play/pause not working
  • Fixed continuous playback not working after stopping the video and restarting, or after stopping and playing a selected file, or after clearing all files and adding new ones
  • Play first file when the last file in the list is played
The minimum OBS version is raised to 30.0.0. You can download the corresponding custom build here https://github.com/CodeYan01/obs-studio/releases/tag/