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    How to loop through 16K res videos that VLC source can't play?

    Hello, I use OBS' 'projector preview' output to display videos on a merged projector system. The VLC source (and VLC by itself outside of OBS) won't play these videos because I assume they have such a strange resolution ~(15,000 x 1000). The inbuilt 'media source' can though. Not sure why...
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    VLC audio looping even though "loop" is unchecked?

    Hey there, title is self explanatory - I have a VLC playlist of 2-3 songs I play when I start broadcasting. "Loop" is unchecked, but the audio is still looping. Help?
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    Question / Help Vlc media source shows black screen

    1. I am using windows 10 on my laptop with 64 bit obs studio and 64 bit vlc player. When i add a vlc player it shows up as black - no video. I tried adding different videos to the playlist but nothing. I have specified the bounds correctly. I have also made sure that obs uses graphics card in...