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  1. Rumdel

    Notification about missing file in playlist

    Hello everyone! I have VLC source in my scene. It contains the playlist: d:\video1.ts d:\video2.ts d:\video3.ts but on drive D there are only video1.ts and video3.ts files And when it comes to video2.ts, the stream freezes. Is it possible to make the missing file highlighted in the playlist...
  2. Rumdel

    18+ age rating

    Hello everyone! I apologize in advance, I use google translate. I have set up the playback of several videos through the VLC plugin. Now I want every video to have an 18+ age rating on it Ideally, during the playback of each video, the age rating appears for about 5 seconds and disappears. I...
  3. C

    Media Playlist Source 0.0.6

    Media Playlist Source Introduction An OBS Plugin that serves as an alternative to VLC Video Source. It uses the Media Source internally. Features Allows editing the playlist without restarting the video, even if files are reordered. Allows editing any setting without restarting the video...
  4. M

    Issue with vlc video source: muting sound at the end of each video

    I recognized a playback issue with sound in video files played back with VLC video source. When playing back a video, the last 1-2 seconds, are muted. This is the case with every video played. Most of the files are mp4 with H.264 and aac audio. The playlist is a local directory with shuffle...
  5. M

    VLC Videosource - Subtitle feature request: Play external subtitle file(s)

    Use external subtitle files with played video files - (SRT preferred) to show when there is no subtitle in videofile or - play external subtitle file prioritized, even when a subtitle is included in videofile. - Recognizable and differentiable by countrycode, when there are more than one...
  6. M

    VLC Videosource - Subtitle feature request: Subtitles recognizable by countrycode

    Problem: Currently a subtitle is being chosen by its position number in videos file. Not always the preferred language is on the same position. And if you wnt to make sure the right subtitle shows, you're being forced to remux every video file to change subtitles position. Possible solution...
  7. M

    VLC Videosource - Play video files - Add a directory and let it play all videos in its subfolders

    Problem: Currently an empty folder with subdiretories in it won't play anything. You need to add every subfolder with videos step-by-step to the playlist to have them played. Possible solution: An option to include subdirectories would be great!
  8. R

    How to loop through 16K res videos that VLC source can't play?

    Hello, I use OBS' 'projector preview' output to display videos on a merged projector system. The VLC source (and VLC by itself outside of OBS) won't play these videos because I assume they have such a strange resolution ~(15,000 x 1000). The inbuilt 'media source' can though. Not sure why...
  9. G

    VLC audio looping even though "loop" is unchecked?

    Hey there, title is self explanatory - I have a VLC playlist of 2-3 songs I play when I start broadcasting. "Loop" is unchecked, but the audio is still looping. Help?
  10. M

    Question / Help Vlc media source shows black screen

    1. I am using windows 10 on my laptop with 64 bit obs studio and 64 bit vlc player. When i add a vlc player it shows up as black - no video. I tried adding different videos to the playlist but nothing. I have specified the bounds correctly. I have also made sure that obs uses graphics card in...