vlc media source

  1. Y

    Scene Automatic Changing by the viewers, scene vote

    Hiii!, is there any way so, (only in) "A" scene viewers can change which scene it will be after a timer ends?, like a "scene vote"? I mean, i have a "choose scene: A, B, C or D?" scene, and i want (only) that scene to be an automatized scene to vote and automatically change scene by the chat...
  2. L

    VLC Media Source breaks off too soon at the end

    I have a Problem with VLC Media Source in OBS, it breaks off too soon at the end with certain files. I have Windows 11 as Operating-System with 32GB RAM and AMD CPU Ryzen 9 3900X. If I downgrade the VLC-Installation-Version to a lower Version-Number, then i have the same bug. If I play the...
  3. T

    VLC Media Source Sound Not Ending After Scene Change

    Hey all So I have a VLC Video Source in my "Starting Soon" scene that plays clips of highlights from my stream. The problem is that when I change to any scene that doesn't have that source, the sound continues to play for another 3-4 seconds. I originally had a few errors in my log about some...
  4. G

    VLC audio looping even though "loop" is unchecked?

    Hey there, title is self explanatory - I have a VLC playlist of 2-3 songs I play when I start broadcasting. "Loop" is unchecked, but the audio is still looping. Help?
  5. M

    Question / Help VLC Source Problems

    Hello friends, I am writing to you because I have a VLC souce with in a scene, the thing is that when I click to change from one track to another, it lasts a long time, apart from also changing from one scene to another, it changes the scene but the vlc keeps sounding to me like for almost 6 or...
  6. BoScotty

    Question / Help VLC Media Source Audio to fade out when changing scenes?

    Like many OBS users here, I use VLC media source to have music playing in the background. But have a few scenes where I don't have music playing, so when I switch to these scenes, the music abruptly stops. I'm wondering if there's a way I can have the Vlc media source audio smoothly transition...