Search is now faster while still being intelligent.
You can add text shadow to the text.

Updated the theme​

Users can now change the plugin's theme to match any OBS theme.
Users can conduct more intelligent searches.
Users can now use ** to change the color of a text and __ to italicize a text.
Users can now use French and Spanish versions.
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Added a new feature to turn the display on and off in the plugin without switching the scenes in OBS.
OBS Bible Plugin is now available in New King James Version NKJV and Louis Segond (French) translations. Thank you.
Now available in
1. New King James Version
2. French
3. Spanish
You now have the bible available in French (Loius Segond 1910 Version).
Made changes to the Settings so that users can easily change the font, color and other properties.


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In this updates, user can now use the next button for bible and songs with ease.
New Features
Users can now add song in txt file.
When users are searching for a book of the Bible, there will be suggestions now.
Users can now change the color of the background, opacity, rounded corner and the font style.