1. tosin789

    Free Free OBS Bible PLUGIN 1.1.4

    This is a free bible plugin that you can use to display bible passages. It is available in English ( and in French ( You can check my Github page for whichever one you want (Github Page). I also welcome active contributions to the GitHub repository. OBS...
  2. Joshua Moochooram

    OpenSong Controller 1.1

    This is a custom plugin that I made for OBS Studio to integrate OpenSong directly into OBS Studio. It is inspired from OpenSong Controller by goorkamateusz which unfortunately did not meet my requirements, so I decided to create my own plugin to better suit my needs. Notice: This is still a...
  3. Firstfruits Studio

    Semi-free Bible Plugin for OBS Studio

    Hello, everyone! I would like to announce the official release of Bible Plugin for OBS Studio, a complete Bible solution designed especially for OBS Studio. You can check out the website here: For the free online version, you don't have to install...