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Free CamooZ - Tool to manage (and save and restore) camera settings 5

Windows has no settings dialog for webcams (as compared to e.g. speaker and mic settings). All there is, is a DirectShow API, that OBS, Logitech, ffpmeg and others make use of.

None of them will store values in profiles so that different settings can be restored, so you cannot be sure what settiongs will be active after a reboot - and there is no way to have different profiles for different light conditions or scene collections.

Even to start the dialog you'd have to do that in OBS or with a workaround such as "ffmpeg -f dshow -show_video_device_dialog true -i video="&cam-name"


CamooZ fills that gap allowing fine tuning with more granular settings than the original dialog with its mini sliders.


And you can store different settings in different profiles and of course load them from such a profile.


With version 5 comes a comand line option for automation: load a specific setting with the click of an icon or make CamooZ part of a script:


Return codes (aka errorlevels)
0 - File processed successfully
4 - No camera found that matches file data (name or id)
8 - This profile has no cam name or ID stored. It is not compatible with CamooZ V5 automation - save new settings first
16 - File specified as command line parameter could not be found

Please note: profiles made with older version will not work, as I have to also store the cameras unique identifier - which I did not do in older versions (no need to :-)

Hopefully self-explanatory. The -silent parameter will close CamooZ immediately after applying the chosen profile. Run without -silent will keep CamooZ on, showing you in a log what it did, like this:
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