OBSGraphicClock - Skinnable analog watch with countdown

Free OBSGraphicClock - Skinnable analog watch with countdown 3.6

3.5 - Updated: Balance wheel will not only oscillate, but be in the spinning tourbillon cage and hence rotate as well. Added an escape wheel that will rotate clicking in line with every second movement ot the balance wheel.

3.4 - You can now create watches with a skeletal area that shows an oscillating balance wheel and even a spinning tourbillon and one more spinning gear wheel. Elements can be sized and positioned. Foreground will remain the file WatchfaceFull.png. You can add a background as WatchfaceFullBG.png. In the 2 samples you will find 3 new files that make this new setup: BalanceWheel.png, gearwheel.png and Tourbillon.png

(Check out this video to see it in action: https://faltinek.de/freestuff/obs/OBSGraphicClock.3.4.mp4)

Analog watch with countdown function:
  • Set "5, 10, 15 etc. minutes from now" with one click or use the rotating bezel to set the countdown
  • Use predefined text or write it live
  • Comes with several pre-configured watches (all but 2 are courtesy of Sternglas GmbH, Hamburg, Germany).
  • You can easly create your own skins by duplicating folders and making changes to the PNG-files and repositioning hands, text and date field, fonts, scales etc. in OBSGraphicClock.
  • Changes are saved automatically to the respective skin.ini file
  • New with V3.2: alarm.wav or alarm.mp3 from skin folder will play and a custom text will show when countdown is over
  • New with V3.1b: a few new skins and the ontop design (see Niesderstueter Hausmeister)
  • New with V 3.1: optional magenta BG, text font selection and extra bezel for excentric designs
  • New with V 3.0: major redesign - new interface and scalable and positionale hands
  • New with V 2.9: creation of your own pre-made texts
  • New with V 2.8: hiding the second hand
  • New with V 2.7: time zone offset function

    Watch the updated video (V 2.9): https://faltinek.de/freestuff/obs/OBSGraphicClock.mp4


You can easily create a list of predefined text to use when streaming, without having to type them then. Simply open the file OBSGraphicClockStandardMessages.txt with a text editor and enter lines like this:

Commence dans;"Starts in" in French
Pokracuje za;"Continues in" in Czech

The text before the ";" becomes the displayed text, the portion after it becomes the desciption which will go into the smaller part of the combobox's listitem. Two buttons will start looping through the available list of text: Button 1 does the odd numbers, button 2 does the even numbers. (E.g. I have all "starts" messages on the odd places and all "continues" messages on the even ones.) Configurable interval is between 1 and 10 seconds.
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