OBS scene migration and verification

Free OBS scene migration and verification 2.1

Windows tool to analyze and migrate scene collections.

When you built your scene collections you added sources from all over the place (especially when you started with OBS)? Or you kept duplicating and making changes and now your production setup has sources from many folders and you're even afraid to clean up and in the process delete a file that then will be missing? Here is the tool to consolidate:

2.0a - major redesign supporting playlists (files and folders) of slideshow and vlc_source
1.9 now supports stinger transitions

1. Analysis
Verify that all media files (video, audio, images) exist - without even starting OBS. Just open a scene collection (OBS's JSON file), get immediate warning if something is missing. Tool will also show in what scene(s) the missing source is being used. The JSON will not be changed (READ ONLY) and you can copy detailed report to the clipboard.


2. Migration
On top of that you can migrate to a new folder: assign a new folder of your choosing for audio and video. The tool will copy all media files to that folder and create a new scene collection with updated pathes. You can do a full migration or select files individually (like me: I have a huge video repository that I use shared, but I want the other media files in separate folders - one per scene collection.

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Latest updates

  1. 2.1 - Added PayPal button

    Added PayPal button - in case you'd like to buy me a coffee ;-)
  2. 2.0b - Fixed saving timestamped files with US, UK or other date settings

    As we only save copies, not the original OBS JSON files, it is reasonable to use same name plus...
  3. 2.0a - major redesign - now includes migration of playlist's files and folders

    Version 2.0a supports migration of files for ffmpeg_source image_source...

Latest reviews

Damn, this is a really great tool! Our files have been scattered all over the place, and it was nice to be able to collect everything in one place and it making a copy of the scene collection with updated paths. Saves a lot of time!
A really great resource for quickly seeing if something is missing. dont even need obs open.