OBS scene migration and verification

Free OBS scene migration and verification 2.1

Added PayPal button - in case you'd like to buy me a coffee ;-)

As we only save copies, not the original OBS JSON files, it is reasonable to use same name plus a time stamp.

This version fixes issues with that time stamp in formats that use / or \ in their date formats - now entirely omitting any date formats, just using the format as in 2021.
Version 2.0a supports

migration of files for

migration of files and folders for

Any file can be individually excluded from the migration - and so can entire directories

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As stinger transitions are not a source, but are an item on their own and as I have never worked with them mysself, they slipped me. Thanks to shariqmushir for the hint.


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Faster file copies and minor bug fixes with some videos not playing correctly
For a selective migration (that is: not all media files are to be copied, e.g. if you have a shared video folder, but want to to migrate the other files that all come from somehere into a new clean directory) Version 1.7 adds the capability to select all, none or "all but"...
Version 1.6 fixes a bug when renaming the new scene collection within the JSON file. It may have occured that a copy (new JSON file) showed up as a duplicate in the OBS scene collection list, because the rename within the JSON file failed in older versions.