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AOIP was produced to solve my own problem of minimal desk space and, while having the requisite speakers to plug into a monitor, not having enough space for them. As you might imagine there was audio that needed to be shared in a local setting. Fortunately enough I have a small network switch, so I hooked the computers up through LAN and designed this small, lightweight, server+client combination program.

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Server listens on "Any IP" configuration: and port 8080, and sends audio to client.

Client connects to server IP -- in this case -- on port 8080 with audio latency set to 100 milliseconds. Anything lower is a crapshoot.

The .cmd files in the .zip package are set up with the basics -- just change the IP of the client, and then the ports in both server and client files if necessary.

This is using UDP sockets if requiring a non-LAN connection and port forwarding.

This program is packed with a client+server combination. The attached .zip download contains a README text file with details on how to run them in the proper configuration with sample .cmd files for simplifying the process of setting it up. For example, the client function has a latency option and with HDMI audio sharing, was using 100 ms latency without a hitch. With a proper sound card this might be lowered. It uses UDP sockets for reference if you are vying for a non-LAN configuration and need to forward ports. The port number can be modified to whichever is needed.

Attributions goes to NAudio for the audio API. If you want features to be added, such as a GUI or something else, while I reserve the right to not commit to any suggestion, feel free to contact me through prefect | circleprefect | com.
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