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Audio Over IP - PC loopback audio sharing over network in client+server combination

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AOIP was produced to solve my own problem of minimal desk space and, while having the requisite speakers to plug into a monitor, not having enough space for them. As you might imagine there was audio that needed to be shared in a local setting. Fortunately enough I have a small network switch, so I hooked the computers up through LAN and designed this small, lightweight...
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Auto Reconnect

Dear Community,

This update comes with automatic reconnect attempts if either the server or client loses contact.

Something noticeable was that the startup sequence, for the program to work, required the server to be started first, and then the client afterward or else it would not transmit audio. This has been addressed.

The errors output to the command window can be safely ignored. More or less they are there to inform of any reconnection queues going on longer than necessary...
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