Ashmanix Countdown Timer

Ashmanix Countdown Timer 1.3.3

I absolutely love this, nice and simple!
This is what I wanted. Thank you very much.
Great plugin! Took the time for detailed instructions.
Love this plugin! It's straight forward and easy to use.
Excellent widget. Easy to understand dock. Thank you
I've been using for a while and this specific function to change scene when countdown ends, it's great!
The option to countdown to a specific time doesn't seem to work for me. Mac running latest version of OS, OBS, and Plugin. I've had plugin installed for over 6 months the only way i've been able to use it is to manually enter time till desired time
Thank you for this countdown! I use this at the start of my stream and it works fantastic, also thank you for being very responsive during fixing the bug I reported! Its really appreciated!
Thanks so muchhhh !!!!!!!