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Free Animated Lower Thirds with Dockable Control Panel v.1.6

5 stars for the effort and when it actually does work.. only 4 given as when it does not work as expected, you have to restart OBS in order to clear memory slots or make a LT actually work.. no good during a live stream..
Great efforts with simple integration of HTML and CSS. Hats off to the developer and beautiful minds behind this wonderful project.
Issues using control panel
Since downloading the version 27.1.3 i have been unable to use the lower thirds and didnt make a backup.
Is there a way to fix this issues as it says cant load the panel
Sorry to leave a bad review, because the tool looks awesome, but it just doesn't work on my computer.

To describe the issue: the "Main Settings" switch is on, and the box turns blue, but the "Lower Third" boxes are all red, and nothing happens on the browser source window.

Is there a fix for this, please? I have a WIndows 10 computer and have precisely followed the installation steps on two different Animated Lower Third "how to use" videos.

To make logos work, they have to be in the logos subfolder of the plugin.
The plugin works very well on macOS, it's a personalized internet dock. Follow videos on YouTube to learn how to install it. I followed this video to install it on macOS (
The .lua script works well, I can find all the hotkeys in OBS' setting window.
To have access to your logos in the plugin, they need to be placed in the same plugin folder. Move the plugin folder to somewhere you know it can't be moved or deleted, otherwise all links will be broken.
Have fun, great plugin 5 stars!
Fantastic plugin, very flexible, usefull and smooth!
Very great tool and I hope you will improve for Unicode characters in the next version. Thank you!
I love this very much but please don't make older cats like me watch a damn video just to get install instruction. Please just put them in the description.