Question / Help Stream PS1 with Elgato HD60S/OBS Settings


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Hello! I have just started my own Twitch account where I will stream some PlayStation One gaming sessions. My setup is as follows:

- Original PS1 console (PAL/Europe)
- AV/HDMI Adapter
- Elgato HD60S Capture Card
- PC with OBS installed

I have tried out some different types of settings, but there's a lot of choices and I am kind of lost. Some footage have turned out pretty good, while some videos suffered from frame drops and stutter. I'm not really sure which settings I'm supposed to have, and hoping to find some help and/or advice on this forum.

My channel, for some video examples:

SCART to 720 och 1080?
When upscaling the SCART to the Elgato via my AV/HDMI Adapter, I can choose either 720 or 1080 resolution. Which one works best for PS1 footage? It seems like 720 runs a little smoother, but I'm not really sure there's a difference.

In Elgatos Game Capture HD Software
In this software I can adjust the settings from the Elgato. In Profile, I can choose between Standard (480), HD 720 or HD 1080. Which one is the best? Should I choose the same one as the Scart upscaling?

In OBS, I go to Settings > Video. There I can choose Resolutions 640x480, which looks very similar to the actual TV screen.
In the same window, I can choose FPS. Should I choose "Highest possible..." or "Match..."?

Also in OBS, I can choose Framerate Value. Should I choose either 25 PAL or 50 PAL, since I am playing on a PAL PS1 (50hz)?

Any other options or settings I should adjust? Thank you very much in advance. Hope someone can guide me in the right direction!

Kind regards!