1. cmscalvert

    OBS Studio Not Capturing QFG5 After Windows Updates

    I've posted this on the Github as a bug, but was redirected by WizardCM to post here instead: Operating System Info Windows 10 Other OS No response OBS Studio Version 27.1.3 OBS Studio Version (Other) No response OBS Studio Log URL OBS Studio...
  2. TaynoriHunter

    OBS lags when playing old games.

    So, recently, I've been noticing a weird "Glitch" (?) on OBS when trying to stream a few games. Specially PC games like: Mega man X8, Sonic Heroes and Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. This is quite bothersome because I don't have this problem with any other game. Anything else works flawlessly, except...
  3. EposVox

    Capture Retro Game Consoles for under $200

    I get asked a lot about how to record older video game systems that only have RCA, Composite, S-Video, or Component video out and stream them to Twitch - especially for those without CRTs. While the analog capture world is actually pretty vast - I'll have a much bigger video coming soon breaking...
  4. A

    Question / Help Stream PS1 with Elgato HD60S/OBS Settings

    Hello! I have just started my own Twitch account where I will stream some PlayStation One gaming sessions. My setup is as follows: Setup: - Original PS1 console (PAL/Europe) - CRT TV - AV/HDMI Adapter - Elgato HD60S Capture Card - PC with OBS installed I have tried out some different types of...
  5. SirCandle

    Question / Help Issues Capturing 4:3 Windows

    I'm trying to set up OBS for some retro streaming and it won't properly capture any 4:3 windows. No matter what I do, I can't resize the display to get rid of those black bars around the sides. FCUEX, Kega Fusion, Turbo Engine 16, and Cave Story all have this problem, but for whatever reason...
  6. Q

    Question / Help Frame roulette (flashing objects invisible): No deinterlacing option

    Hi, I stream games from my Xbox One (retro games through Retrix emulator in XB1 dev mode) to the Xbox App to PC. On my PC I capture the game window from the Xbox App to OBS. It works great so far! But when watching the footage I noticed frame roulette on Neo Geo games (flashing objects missing...