trying to play cluefinders and jump start for stream through OBS?


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Hello! i have been using OBS for a few years but never tried to this until recently.
I have a bunch of ISOs of my old educational kids games such as ClueFinders, Reader Rabbit, and the JumpStart games. I cannot get them to run on my MSI windows 10 laptop, or my Windows 11 MSI PC tower due to compatibility issues. they do not run even in compatibility mode. I CAN however get them to run on my mothers old Windows Vista Laptop. They work on that computer with no problems. save for having to reinstall them every now and again since its not the hard disks.

Is there a way for me to connect the older OS laptop to my windows 11 PC tower so that OBS on the windows 11 system can capture whats on the old OS laptop screen? I have an elgato capture card as well if that is needed.

I have tried running virtual boxes on both my MSI windows 10 laptop, as well as the MSI Windows 11 tower, and both times it just wouldnt work for me. so im not trying to mess with that again if i dont HAVE to.