1. T

    trying to play cluefinders and jump start for stream through OBS?

    Hello! i have been using OBS for a few years but never tried to this until recently. I have a bunch of ISOs of my old educational kids games such as ClueFinders, Reader Rabbit, and the JumpStart games. I cannot get them to run on my MSI windows 10 laptop, or my Windows 11 MSI PC tower due to...
  2. R

    Compatible Streaming Vendors

    A while back I saw a list of Streaming Companies who were approved by OBS. Can't find it and hope someone knows what I'm talking about. Thanks.
  3. YuaBeVibin

    Lost all GDI+ on scene collection via transfer to OBS on Mac (Mac OS El Capitan)

    I've lost all my text upon transferring scene collection to my iMac (from a Windows 10 machine), I didn't realise the Mac version only supports FreeType 2. There's also fundamental features that are only on GDI+ that I need. What's the fastest way to convert my text to FreeType or a compatible...
  4. R

    Compatibility between Mac and windows

    I recently just bought a MacBook Pro with the M1 chip and I was wondering if I could possibly use that as my separate device to stream on my main one which is a Windows. If there are any links or sources to find more information on this that would be great.
  5. S

    AJA Corvid 88 Support

    Any chance there could be support for integrating AJA's SDK that would make that Corvid 88 capture card work with OBS? This would allow users to ingest 8 SDI signals into OBS. Currently they only support vMix, Wirecast, and a few other lesser known softwares.
  6. 6

    Sony a580 compatability

    I set up my sony a580 on a Windows 10 platform running OBS; I am new to working with OBS. Once I connected my camera and chose it as a source, I had no video, just colored bars. I can see that the mic is registering on the sounds bar, but no video. I ran the setup wizard twice and that's all I...
  7. K

    Question / Help Blackscreen Logfile - After I Tried …..

    Hi, I am having an issue after the most recent OBS update with blackscreen. I have done some research and tried various steps. Windows display settings for OBS set to High Performance NVIDIA settings adjusted to Internal OBS Running on "Administrator" mode OBS in compatibility mode for Windows...