Sony a580 compatability


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I set up my sony a580 on a Windows 10 platform running OBS; I am new to working with OBS.
Once I connected my camera and chose it as a source, I had no video, just colored bars. I can see that the mic is registering on the sounds bar, but no video. I ran the setup wizard twice and that's all I got. I am attaching a pic of what it looks like.
Is my camera compatible with OBS? I checked the windows camera settings for the app, and that is connected. And I'm running it on a factory reset, and updated i5 hp. I'm using a mini hdmi out from camera to hdmi into a video capture card, and the video capture card's USB into the computer.
The driver loaded successfully when plugged in, so I'm not sure where the problem lies in my connection.
Any help is greatly appreciated!!


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