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Ahh gotcha, by the way, is there a way to remove the foobar2000 v1.3.17 text after the song name?
Hi, I noticed an issue with Clementine where if Clementine's window is minimized, the now playing will simply output "clementine" (all lowercase, like that). Not a big deal to me since I usually keep the window open in the background so that I can grab the album art/visualiser from the window, but thought I should mention it.
I'm working on cleaning up useless output like "clementine", "Foobar ...", "Spotify Premium", "Pandora - advertisement is playing..." etc.

Also, is there a way to put a wildcard in the output edit fields? * doesn't work, and it'd be useful for instance as a quick way to switch between "artist - album - track" and "artist - track" formats for different layouts (I replace ' - ' with \n when the output is artist - album - track, but that format is usually way too long for when i want the output in a single line)
This is something I've been working on for a while, to allow far, far more flexible output than before.
My ETA's run on valve time unfortunately, but I really want to implement this! It's a lot, lot, lot, lot of work for so many different music players :(


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Hey, I just tried SMG and Groovemarklet for Soundcloud, but it does not work for me. Here's what I'm doing:
Open Soundcloud >> Open SMG >> Go to song >> Verify if Groovemarklet is running >> Play song
And I get nothing. Kinda frustrating, but understandable. pls fix.


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Is there some trick to having the program actually minimize on startup? Every now and then my computer will launch SMG hidden, and other times it will not. I only use Spotify with it as well. Is It possible to lock Spotify as the default, and never show the program on desktop on boot?