Question / Help OBS Studio Making Games Unplayable Suddenly.


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I've been streaming with OBS for a long time now, but suddenly two days ago onward, anytime OBS is simply OPEN, My games become unplayable, even low usage games like Clone Hero. I hadn't changed anything or downloaded/deleted anything.

So far I've tried lowering graphic settings in-game, closing other programs, using Vsync, downgrading OBS, but nothing has changed it. I don't have log files since I haven't even streamed since this started, you know, because I can't even play the game.

If you have any ideas (ones that haven't been tried yet), please let me know. My discord is DARK_Shadow8u#6340 if that makes it easier to help. And if you want scene collections or profiles or logs, I can add them to the posts.

Thanks In Advance.


  • OBS Log Without Streaming.txt
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