1. R

    My obs/stream crashes with heavy games "[jim-nvenc] get_encoded_packet: nv.nvEncLockBitstream(s, &lock) failed: 8 (NV_ENC_ERR_INVALID_PARAM)"

    Hello everyone, For months I'm having issues with streaming "heavier" games. Mainly I play Rainbow Six Siege and that always goes without any problems. But when I try to play Warzone for example my OBS/Stream will crash at some point. A few days back I tried to stream "Stray Souls". Because I'm...
  2. cclark413

    OBS Lua Simple JSON File Scorekeeper 0.5

    Instructions Update the file path in the json_scorekeeper.lua file to point to the local location of your scorecard.json file. In OBS, Create 4 Text Sources with the following names: Player 1 Player 2 Player 1 - Score Player 2 - Score Import the script to OBS Open the scorecard.json file in a...
  3. T

    OBS crashing?

    I am currently running a ryzen 5 3600x and a rtx3060 and up until this week I’ve never had problems. But now when I try to stream within 5 minutes of being live the stream will crash and it will render my PC useless unless I hold the power button to reset it. I asked my friend to try and he had...
  4. B

    OBS crashing when tabbing into Valorant.

    Hey guys, I have the problem, that when I tab into Valorant, my OBS preview (so that screen where I can see what my stream sees) is freezing but my sound board and everything is is displaying how loud I am. And then 5 seconds later discord is crashing. I don´t know if this is only when I play...
  5. A

    Hue/tint changes on motion, streaming on youtube

    Hi Like the title says, problem with hue/tint when i move around in factorio, it looks good on in OBS but not on youtube. It goes between red and yellow and makes it really hard to fix colour levels. I can´t upload to github atm so I attach the log file and if you see any other problem or...
  6. C

    SIMPLY STARTING OBS causes stutter/lag in all games

    Hello everyone I have been streaming/recording for a couple of months now, and after a lot of help from the internet I had been ''successfully'' utilizing this amazing program. However, I noticed something strange, these last couple of weeks, as the title clearly says. I have done some testing...
  7. S

    Whole PC freezes while I'm recording in OBS.

    Hello, I gotten a new PC about a month ago; so far it was doing great for recording gameplay videos until late last week. Now when I record for a while it will freeze the whole computer and I have to manually reboot the PC. I have the log. Cpu: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9600KF CPU @ 3.70Hz GC...
  8. Bo2101

    Twitch Category Manager 1.0.0

    About This plugin finds a corresponding category on Twitch for the game you're playing, by monitoring the active window on your computer. The following situations appear: A single category is found In this case the channel will be updated automatically Multiple categories are found for your...
  9. coldz

    Question / Help game recordings laggy and trash

    So, when I wanna record a Roblox video for my youtube channel the Roblox video is complete trash any help/fix? OBS Recording Settings: 720p 25fps, 10,000 bitrate, VBR, and that's most of it. Proof:
  10. F

    Question / Help Hi ,help pls.

    when i am streaming or recording a video for ONLY Video games , everything what should be green on stream or video it shows like a black color , i don't know why , if you know how to solve this problem pls help
  11. W

    Question / Help Help for streaming/record settings

    So hi my pc is amd 580 icore I7 7700 internet speed- download 60. Upload-from 40- 50 then i am trying to stream/record i put everything on max for best quality but stiil I have a bad quality laggy stream please help!!!! Btw i am on OBS Can you send me the settings for both streaming and...
  12. W

    Question / Help Some games refuse to work no matter what, and I'm rather new to OBS

    I'm still figuring stuff out about this app, but my biggest problem is that I CAN record hollow Knight, Terraria, Brawlhalla, Shovel Knight, Ori (both gmes), but i CANNOT record Rivals of Aether or Celeste. Game capture previews a gray or black screen and I can't figure this out. I tried running...
  13. Sarge4550

    Question / Help Unable to record certain games with OBS

    Hi. So currently I have been having trouble recording certain games using OBS. Specifically, the one I am having the most headache with is Penumbra Overture. I launch penumbra and have even set the specific game I want to record in OBS as the same game window (Penumbra) that I have currently...
  14. M

    Question / Help Stream and game lag while playing Roblox, but Roblox works fine when not streaming/ SLOBS works fine on other games

    I use Streamlabs OBS to stream on Twitch. Whenever I try to stream Roblox on Twitch, my stream freezes up. I changed my process priority to Above Normal, and Usage Preset to Ultra Fast, but then whenever I do that, my game starts to lag and slowly gets to lower frames. Also, whenever I stream on...
  15. E

    Question / Help Looking to fix my bitrate for dual PC streaming

    Hello guys, I am trying to set up my system for game streaming on dual PC. I connected them via ETHERNET cable. I couldn't find crossover cable, but I found a crossover adapter, which seems to work perfectly. So the connection is stable. But, I have an issue with the PC that I'm running the...
  16. Peterson

    Question / Help OBS studio giving fps drops in Resident Evil 4 UHD

    I fix the problem of the lag in game just activating the v-sync in games, but RE4 UHD already locks the fps at 60, is not variable and the game is droping fps giving me slow motion in some points, is this a way to fix this in OBS Studio? heres a video showing the issue...
  17. V

    Question / Help OBS and Rainbow Six does not like one another

    I'm fairly new to OBS, after coming from Shadowplay, and I've been recently been playing a lot of Rainbow Six so I can upload to my new youtube channel. The only issue that I'm facing right now is FPS drops in recording. While playing the game, I would be capped at 60 fps without and drawbacks...
  18. Dark_Shadow8u

    Question / Help OBS Studio Making Games Unplayable Suddenly.

    I've been streaming with OBS for a long time now, but suddenly two days ago onward, anytime OBS is simply OPEN, My games become unplayable, even low usage games like Clone Hero. I hadn't changed anything or downloaded/deleted anything. So far I've tried lowering graphic settings in-game...