video games

  1. R

    Question / Help Mac and Call of Duty IV

    I can’t make it work. Ones call of duty video games is open, it can’t be minimize to access to obs and stream live.... please help
  2. Dark_Shadow8u

    Question / Help OBS Studio Making Games Unplayable Suddenly.

    I've been streaming with OBS for a long time now, but suddenly two days ago onward, anytime OBS is simply OPEN, My games become unplayable, even low usage games like Clone Hero. I hadn't changed anything or downloaded/deleted anything. So far I've tried lowering graphic settings in-game...
  3. W

    Question / Help Video Show Advice

    Hi, I would like to make videos exactly like ( this for my podcast and review videos but I have no idea how it is done. It would be ideal as we are all some distance apart. If anyone can offer some advice I would be very happy. :D I presume...