Question / Help Mac and Call of Duty IV


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I can’t make it work. Ones call of duty video games is open, it can’t be minimize to access to obs and stream live.... please help


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Thank you, I finally got installed. One last question. How active this websocket plugin with the Video Game and Obs? I have launched both, but not sure how to put them to work... Thanks
Screenshot 2018-10-07 17.37.44.png


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The project page also has use instructions. You need to open the below website in a mobile browser and enter in your specific information (IP, password).

Using obs-websocket
A web client and frontend made by t2t2 (compatible with tablets and other touch interfaces) is available here :

It is highly recommended to protect obs-websocket with a password against unauthorized control. To do this, open the "Websocket server settings" dialog under OBS' "Tools" menu. In the settings dialogs, you can enable or disable authentication and set a password for it.