Question / Help OBS Studio 23: Pixelation during stream with "NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (new)

Howdy gamers.

I downloaded the OBS Studio 23 update and really enjoy that I can see Stream Information and Stream Chat.
I tried making my BASE RESOLUTION match the OUTPUT SCALED RESOLUTION but, I have noticed when streaming, I seem to get a lot of Pixelation.
(They are 2560 x 1440)

If I reduce my OUTPUT SCALED RESOLUTION to 1600x900, I think the pixelation is a little better but, obviously, the overall quality will be reduced.

With this new update, I know there was a lot of updates in terms of NVIDIA and NVENC streaming.
Is there anyway to combat this pixelation problem or am I stuck with it?

Here are my settings on OBS


I would try 720p60 to confirm what the issue is. At 720p60 with 6000 bitrate you shouldn't be seeing artifacts with big macro-blocks. If you do, the issue may be in your internet connection. If you don't, it's a matter of finding the sweet spot between the resolution you want to output and the bitrate it takes.