OBS strean (Youtube), blurry image, poor quality


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I wanted to run a stream from Gothica II (well, it's not too demanding for the PC), I downloaded OBS, set everything etc., but when I look at the preview on YouTube it is a terrible pixelosis, how I stand in the place is ok, but how I will start to move, everything is blurred and you can't look at it. Komp is good and net is the same. I've tried to set it up with a million guides, but nothing helps.
I have set 1920x1080 - 60 fps, bitrate at 12000 kbps, NVENC encoder.
I tried on different resolution settings, bitrates, 30 fps, x264 encoder and nothing helps. With all settings is the same and in other games too. So many combinations of forums, videos and nothing.
I will add that I record with the help of OBS it's all ok. Only when streaming is a tragedy.
Someone overcomes the topic and can advise something?


RTX2070 Super 8GB, Ryzen 5 3600, 16GB RAM
1920x1080 monitor
Net: downolad 200Mb / s, upload 20Mb / s