1. Infamous Punz

    Low Audio Output issue

    Having really low Audio in my streams. Sounds good in my headsets and the gains are high enough so they're not in the red. Has me stumped. Anyone has ever encountered this issue? if so, did you ever resolved it? I attached my last stream log file. Hope that helps. Thanks in advance
  2. S


    Hello, I have one such problem with the quality of both streams and uploaded videos via obs studio. I set obs according to tutorials on youtube, I tried to set bitrate calmly 50K for bitrate recording, switch from nvidia ncoderu to processor but nothing helped, on the contrary, it was even...
  3. K

    OBS strean (Youtube), blurry image, poor quality

    I wanted to run a stream from Gothica II (well, it's not too demanding for the PC), I downloaded OBS, set everything etc., but when I look at the preview on YouTube it is a terrible pixelosis, how I stand in the place is ok, but how I will start to move, everything is blurred and you can't look...
  4. Retro-Dave

    Question / Help LAG ON LAUNCH!

    Obs studio is running at 30 FPS for me. Anything higher than that causes it to lag horribly. This is without recording or streaming. Just launching it. I have it running as admin. It’s set to auto select graphics integrated through Nvid control panel. I need a simple quick fix please. I’m new to...
  5. F

    Bug Report OBS Records at the volume you have on windows

    So windows volume goes from 0/100 volume 100 is normal to be recorded but not to listen. so for example if i were to record my iphone screen it will record at full volume so if someone else watches it they can listen to it at normal volume. obs doesnt do that. it records at the volume you have...
  6. G

    Question / Help Low Stream Quality! Please Help!

    So I stream on youtube, and ive noticed recently that the video quality on my stream is very bad. this is what it looks like: i guess its not TERRIBLE but it is a bummer. if you could help me out that would be great. Log: https://obsproject.com/logs/OCinp75I1zoWhydn PS:(i tried messing with...
  7. I

    Question / Help OBS Studio is not putting out enough bitrate.

    Currently, I use an ethernet. I have a ping of 11, 120ms download speed, and 10ms upload speed. My current settings are 720p 30fps, with 2000 bitrate and a keyframe of 2. The box next to the amount of bitrate is normally red or orange for me. It also says that only 1000 bitrate is being...