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Hello, I have one such problem with the quality of both streams and uploaded videos via obs studio. I set obs according to tutorials on youtube, I tried to set bitrate calmly 50K for bitrate recording, switch from nvidia ncoderu to processor but nothing helped, on the contrary, it was even worse. When streaming, I set the standard 6K bitrate and set everything else according to the tutorial on youtube again, and even if I play gta 5, it looks like Minecraft. I also tried recording using geforce experience and it looked a little better but it was still pretty bad. It is not the stability of the Internet, I have already tried it, and it is not a slow disk, because I have a few months old M.2 SSD. Can someone please give me some advice?


Okay 1080p60@6Mb/s. If you was using those settings with a stable x264 CPU it would look great, but even then there would still be noticeable artifacting and blockiness, especially when you're using the CPU for other things aswell. Now that's with a high end CPU, consider you're using NVENC, while NVIDIA have made their encoding hardware very efficient, it still lacks the ability to compress massive amounts of data, for example 1080p60 footage to 6Mb/s - you will need to either increase the bitrate to the max your streaming provider offers, or decrease the resolution or framerate. Another alternative you can try if you have an intel CPU is Quicksync - if your CPU is decent you'll definitely get a performance increase over using NVENC and worth a try.