OBS makes my fps in games really inconsistent


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First of all, I saw in a thread that it is recommended to link the last log file, so here it is : Last Log File

Okay, so the problem that I have is that, whenever I play ( in this instance ) VALORANT, I get a consistent 164 fps because that is what I have it capped at. Whenever I open OBS Studio and I have it running in the back, ( not streaming or recording ) , my fps stays high but goes down to like 20 then back up then back down and back up and so on so on. I usually don't run the app as admin, but when I tried it it was lowkey worse, or maybe thats just my brain. Nevertheless, running in admin did not help.

My Rig is:

Ryzen 5 2600 @ 3.65 Ghz i think
RTX 3060 ti
16 GB of 3600 ram running dual channel
850w of psu

The thing is that before, I used to stream with a 1660 oc and a 500w psu. The reason I upgraded was because 1. I could not stream and play Warzone and 2. my obs was telling my my encoder was too overloaded, I was using NVEC. So now that I upgraded, the encoder is obviously way better, but now my game's fps is extremely inconsistent.

So far, I've only tried playing VALORANT while having OBS open.

I've been told that my cpu and gpu might cause a bottleneck, but I have trouble understanding that my VALORANT used to work fine with a 1660, but now that I upgraded my gpu, my cpu is working so much harder that it makes my VALORANT (cpu intensive i think?) run like a car in a bumpy road.

Because of this, I am not sure if this is a problem with my specs or a problem with obs...

Whenever I have OBS Studio open in the back while also playing valorant, this is what the percentages look like. Also a good thing to note is that sometimes my browser takes like 20% or something and makes my cpu be close if not 100%.

PLEASE, and I beg because I plan on doing a long long stream soon, let me know what could be causing this.

I've been thinking of buying a cooler for my cpu so I can overclock it to 4.0-4.1 Ghz but I don't know if that even is the problem since it used to run fine with a worse gpu?? I DON'T KNOW, I don't know how bottleneck would really affect playing a cpu intensive game when having a better gpu. idk idk. please let me know on what I should do.