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    CPU bottleneck with NVENC

    I streamed Spider-Man and Horizon Zero Dawn this week and even though I'm using the Nvenc encoder and OBS was utilizing less than 10% of the CPU, I was getting way lower FPS in these games than I should. I noticed that the GPU was being missvely under utilized. It concerns me a lot since it's...
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    PCI Lanes or Something Else?

    During streams, no system hardware is reporting over 50% usage. But at times the camera video on scene will get a bit chopping as if there is a frame drop, but no reported drop is reported in OBS. Making me think the issue occurs before OBS is processing the stream. My hypothesis is PCI lanes...
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    OBS makes my fps in games really inconsistent

    Hello! First of all, I saw in a thread that it is recommended to link the last log file, so here it is : Last Log File Okay, so the problem that I have is that, whenever I play ( in this instance ) VALORANT, I get a consistent 164 fps because that is what I have it capped at. Whenever I open...
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    Why OBS is using a significant amount of CPU when using NVENC?

    From my understanding, the composition of the different sources is done on the GPU and it's also the case for the encoding (NVENC) so what is left on the CPU? I have a CPU bottleneck so I would like to know how I can influence the CPU consumption of OBS knowing I'm using NVENC encoding
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    Does streaming and recording at the same time use more CPU when using NVENC?

    using recording quality same as stream or different quality. Is it just asking more work to the encoder (on the GPU) or is it doing more work on the CPU too?
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    Does Hardware like CPU/RAM/Motherboard affect the performance?

    Hello everybody. I have a pc with following specs: I7 920 Quad Core processor, 16 GB DDR3 Ram, and GTX1050ti 4GB. Now the problem is, that on this PC (using elgato Camlink 4K) I can only receive HD output, and that with a high latency. When switching HDMI out (on camera) to full 4K, the screen...
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    Encoding overloaded with low CPU usage

    Hi, I use OBS to record Zoom meetings. As the encoder I use the x264. The problem is that I regularly get the warning that the encoding is overloaded although the CPU usage is around 70% for all threads. So I am not quite sure what's bottlenecking. Obviously I could lower the FPS / output...