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Hi there. I'm relatively new to OBS, but as a software dev myself, I quickly got the hang of it and now love the program.

However, I'm having this issue where in the middle of my stream, OBS shows 0kbps. The last time this happened, it also spitted out an error (the other times it happened, I got no error messages). So, I came for help!

Operational info:
I am running obs on my windows 10 ryzen 2700x computer and streaming on my secondary windows 10 fx8150 computer. I am using NDI for this over gigabit LAN. My internet connection is wired and 125mbps down and 10mbps up. The first computer captures and composes the scenes. The second one only encodes (using x264 fast 5000kbps) and sends the stream to twitch. No other relevant processes run on the second PC.
The first pc varies in cpu usage depending on the game played, and the second one usually hovers around 60% utilization. Temperatures are kept well in check for both PCs.
The internet connection is reliable and does not fluctuate or stops working as expected in any moment. I don't actually suspect network tho be the problem in this case.

The problem happened sometimes during the middle of my stream and a restart of the application solved the issue. This problem only happens on the secondary streaming PC. The last time this problem occurred, I was purposely test streaming to twitch in order to better understand the issue. I am linking the logs and crash info of this computer. I've also linked a screenshot of the twitch inspector graph for this test stream.

There is another thing to add. I also tried streaming from the main computer. In this configuration, the 0kbps did not happen. I thing this would be relevant, to show that it should not be a problem with my network. I would want to avoid this configuration, as I game on high refresh rates and the cpu can get a bit taxed with the high fps game and encoding simultaneously.

I apologize if this is some sort of novice mistake, or if this post is somewhat not conforming of forum rules. I'm pretty new to OBS. Thanks in advance for the help!


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OBS on your streaming PC crashed within the x264 encoder. Common causes for this crash location is mostly hardware-related:
- bad overclock
- overheating
- faulty memory
- not updated CPU microcode for AMD processors (mostly a Ryzen issue)


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Interesting! I do have an OC on this machine, but I thought it was rock hard stable. It passed my stress tests and no other application gave me errors.
Thank you very much for the help. I'll try to solve the issue and come back with the results!