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    kb/s bei 0

    Ich bräuchte da mal eure Hilfe. Ich hab mir seid kurzen einen PC zugelegt und wollte wie immer WOW streamen. Bei meinem vorigen Laptop war das kein Problem, aber jetzt bei meinem PC fällt meine kb/s von 6000 auf 0 herunter, wenn ich WOW öffne und streamen will. Kann mir da wer weiterhelfen, ich...
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    Hello, this is a problem that is leaving me without energy. It hurts my soul to fail my followers and I don't know what to do. I've been having this problem for 3 days, since the end of this Monday's stream, the obs doesn't stop turning red within seconds of starting, sometimes I want to...
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    OBS 28.0.3 dropping to 0kb/s disconnecting and reconnecting

    I've been streaming on Twitch since February on a wi-fi connection. You'd think that would be the cause of the following issue, but it didn't start happening until around last month or so. In short: my streams (not all, but most) will randomly drop to 0 kb/s, disconnect, and then reconnect...
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    OBS 0kb/s

    Never had this problem before while streaming but OBS just fluctuates form 6k to 3k to 0 in a matter of seconds. Don´t really know what to do... Log File
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    Question / Help Obs goes to 0kbps with unhandled exception

    Hi there. I'm relatively new to OBS, but as a software dev myself, I quickly got the hang of it and now love the program. However, I'm having this issue where in the middle of my stream, OBS shows 0kbps. The last time this happened, it also spitted out an error (the other times it happened, I...
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    Question / Help obs stuck at 0kbs can't stream need help asap

    when i press start streaming it works then the network drops to 0 kbs and my stream goes offline on twitch. ive been streaming for about a week with no problems and then i updated obs and the problem arises i dont know if its obs or not but i need some help...