OBS freezes / crashes when alt tab - Is this a Windows 11 issue or OBS issue? How to fix it?


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Hi all!

I have been dealing with my stream crashing multiple times. I've noticed this usually happens when I tab in/out of the game to check chat on OBS or to use Chrome to change the music I'm listening to, or check on something else on twitch creator dashboard.

What happens is that everything kinda freezes for a few seconds. OBS continues to be frozen even I after I close the game (Rust) and Chrome. Usually, it won't reconnect or come back to normal so instead, I would have to restart the pc.
Sometimes it has come back and reconnected, but then my audio sources are muted once I come back live - although they're just fine on the VOD. (That means the audio settings are fine because they get recorded in the VOD but not after reconnecting during the Live session, it's super weird - however it not always happens and it most of the time the stream does not reconnect unless I restart OBS/PC).

Something I noticed right at the moment of OBS crashing yesterday - was that my disk was at 100% usage in the Task Manager. After I closed the game and Chrome, it came back down to 0%, but OBS continued to be frozen, so I had to restart the pc.

I always run OBS as Administrator. I've tried multiple FPS settings (30,60, 120 - it doesn't matter, it still crashes). I've tried streaming with and without camera. Tried 1080p, 720p - same issue. With different bitrates (2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500, 5000 - it doesn't matter, it still has crashed even at the lower setting). I've also tried marking OBS with higher priority in the Task Manager.

I have a brand new pc with these specs so I refuse to think it's a hardware issue.
MB: Z690 | Proc : i9-12900KF | Mem: 32 GB DDR4-3200 | Video : RTX 3060Ti (8GB GDDR6)

It has all led me to think it's a Windows 11 problem when alt tabbing in and out. Or, a chrome issue. Or, an OBS issue with Windows 11 or something else.
Please see my latest OBS log attached. Any advice?

I hope you guys can help me, thank you!


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Here's the link for the Analyzer - I did not know how to use that tool and I have now use it to analyze the log. From the results, I've disabled my "Game mode" on windows and will be getting a better internet plan soon. However, I do not think it's an internet issue or GPU/CPU issue since it's a brand new pc as I said. I wonder if there's anything else that could be causing the crashing issues. https://obsproject.com/logs/7ql5I0j3rG1JnyWO


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Please make the changes sugested in the analizer.
You have a more than capable computer. There are too many wasapi errors recorded and you should check your audio sources. Rework them if you need. Actually, check all your sources, specially browser sources as some have issues after the resent changes on Twitch API.
Why you set 120fps? Please change it to 60. Verify your video card driver is updated. That encoder start error is what you need to fix.

And remember Windows 11 is a work in progress.