1. J

    Stream Freezes Whenever I Alt + Tab from app

    As the title states, when I stream and open any game, it ends up freezing if I alt + tab. I'm not sure what to do because even when I had gone to the analyzer, it only stated that I was on Windows 10 and that's all. Here is my most recent obs log
  2. Dala

    OBS freezes / crashes when alt tab - Is this a Windows 11 issue or OBS issue? How to fix it?

    Hi all! I have been dealing with my stream crashing multiple times. I've noticed this usually happens when I tab in/out of the game to check chat on OBS or to use Chrome to change the music I'm listening to, or check on something else on twitch creator dashboard. What happens is that...
  3. E

    When I alt+tab from cs:go my obs instantly crashing

    I start streamimg cs:go and when I try to alt+tab its instanly crash. My preview in obs just lag and bitrate get down from 6000 to 0 immediately. PC start laging too, but when i close obs everything is go normal. If i just play and do not use alt+tab stream go normal. Can some one help me...