Bug Report OBS Frames Skipped and Dropped and InGAME FPS DROP

i have been using this update of OBS with my setup streaming daily every day, for about last 2 weeks, without no problem BUT today and yesterday experienced issues with high in game DROP FRAMES that where not normal couse never hapenned even recording in higher bitrates and fps drops in the OBS encoding, it says overcharged encoder... but that was really rare uncommon, so i will let you my LOG and Specs.

i7 9700k
zotac gtx 1080
16gb corsair vengeance rgb pro
asus maximus rog xi hero wifi
ssd and hdd

and somethimes the OBS websocket error appeared and for start streaming again i had to restart OBS to stream couse i was saying me internet error websocket etc, but my internet was well on chrome and other programs


  • crashlog.txt
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Mmmm...I am running into a similar-ish problem. Never had dropped frames until recently after update. I am running Mac OS tho and mine might something to do with a "Websocket error"? maybe?


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That's a totally different issue, and Mac-related questions have their own forum. Please post in that forum and include a logfile as per the sticky.