OBS 27.0 freeze when I try to move a source in "Sources" panel


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I just installed OBS 27.0 and unfortunately it is unusable due to a very annoying bug : a huge amount of time to move sources in the "Sources" panel.

I use a lot of different effects on my cam and therefore my cam scene is nested in another scene with other occurrences from my cam to which other effects are applied. This scene is also nestled in another etc. And since the last update of OBS I noticed that the more the cam is nested the more it becomes difficult to move a source in the "Source" panel without taking an exponential time.

My current setup therefore makes the use of OBS 27.0 impossible for me.

Here is a link to my last log of a session where I only opened the software and moved a source. Which took 50 seconds.


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Well, run it as Admin plus never use Display and Game capture in the same scene

Running it as administrator din't change anything and the problem appear on scenes where Display and Game sources are not used. And the exact same setup up worked perfectly well before the update.

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Maybe the obs-websocket plugin is not fully compatible with the current build of the OBS? At least, it spams the log-file and may cause memory leaks as well.


Number of memory leaks: 1523

Always make sure your plugins are up to date, especially with a new full number version, and that the plugin supports the new version