1. 2

    Aufnahmezeit in Taskleiste / recording time in taskbar

    Früher konnte ich bei einer Aufnahme sehen, wie lange ich schon in der Taskleiste aufgenommen habe. Das ist seit Jahren nicht mehr möglich. Sobald die Uhrzeit in OBS in der Taskleiste erscheint, wird sie unscharf. Das hat wohl etwas mit einem Update von OBS oder Windows zu tun. OBS oder Windows?
  2. K_STYER

    OBS Lua K_STYER's Dynamic Time and Date Display for OBS (EN/MULTI-8) 1.3

    Dynamic Time and Date Display for OBS Enhance your live streams with this Dynamic Time and Date Display script for OBS! This powerful script allows you to customize up to five text sources with real-time updates every 20 seconds. Whether you're a seasoned streamer or just starting out, our...
  3. K

    Time and date source

    This plugin adds a source that displays current date and time. You can configure the time format, text font, background and text colors and outline in source properties.
  4. M

    How to make the source turn on and off automatically (by time)

    Hello! Please help me find a solution to the problem. I need that in a certain scene, the sources appear and disappear alternately in time. For example, the scene turns on and after 10 seconds the video source turns on, after another 10 seconds the text source turns on, after 10 seconds the text...
  5. .norman.

    Free Current Live Weather and Time overlay 2022-10-02

    Real time weather and current time - stream overlay for OBS Live "up-to-the-minute" Weather Display with Current Time. (updates once a minute) This requires a free account with OpenWeatherMap.org Sign-up here (I chose OpenWeatherMap for the API because of their generous calls/month...
  6. C

    Time and Date Overlay updated

    Clock.html GitHub File Download the HTML File In OBS add a Browser Source Select local file Browse to the clock.html file adjust the height and width accordingly You can edit the clock.html in the notepad app on windows, any other text editor on any other OS. Lines 13 through 20 is where you...
  7. Copain

    OBS 27.0 freeze when I try to move a source in "Sources" panel

    I just installed OBS 27.0 and unfortunately it is unusable due to a very annoying bug : a huge amount of time to move sources in the "Sources" panel. I use a lot of different effects on my cam and therefore my cam scene is nested in another scene with other occurrences from my cam to which...
  8. D

    Time schedule automatic start

    Hello, I would like a timetable that automatically starts a scene at 5:00 PM. can someone help me with that?
  9. unkndown

    Free Show Time OBS MacOS 1.0.0

    Application to display the time in obs using the chroma filter
  10. A

    OBS Lua Datetime digital clock 2019-12-24

    This script transforms a text source into a digital clock. The datetime format is configurable and uses the same syntax than the Lua os.date() call, i.e.: %a abbreviated weekday name (e.g., Wed) %A full weekday name (e.g., Wednesday) %b abbreviated month name (e.g., Sep) %B full...
  11. K

    Question / Help Set a time limit and overwrite from then on

    I'm looking to record for maybe like 10 minutes, then have it carry on recording but continuously overwrite the previous file so i always have the last 10 minutes of footage. Is this doable at all, and would it eat up resources to constantly delete and re-write the file? thanks
  12. J

    Question / Help How to change time on MP4 video that is being streamed? (change playback point)

    Hi When I stream an MP4 video, I can not figure out how to change the time on the video, meaning how do I fast forward or rewind the MP4 video to a different part of the video? Also how do I pause the video as well? Thanks
  13. worm6666

    TIME and / or DATE overlay ? Solved

    1./ - add browser source 2./ - enter this into the browser line...
  14. Ted_Appleseed_Liu

    OBSTimeBud for Mac - Display Current Time 1.0 Beta 1

    You've probably heard and used some of the date/time plugins for OBS on Windows, like Snaz. There's plenty of options for Windows. However, if I wasn't wrong, there's currently no any OBS plugin for macOS that can help us to display some information like current time in our livestream...
  15. R

    Question / Help OBS recording cut short on Mac

    I've been recording some interviews through Zoom with OBS for awhile and recently started running into problems. The recordings and audio have turned out in decent quality but when I stop recording, they tend to cut off after about 35 minutes. It still shows it's recording the whole time but...