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OBS Lua Datetime digital clock 2019-12-24

This script transforms a text source into a digital clock. The datetime format is configurable and uses the same syntax than the Lua call, i.e.:
%a    abbreviated weekday name (e.g., Wed)
%A    full weekday name (e.g., Wednesday)
%b    abbreviated month name (e.g., Sep)
%B    full month name (e.g., September)
%c    date and time (e.g., 09/16/98 23:48:10)
%d    day of the month (16) [01-31]
%H    hour, using a 24-hour clock (23) [00-23]
%I    hour, using a 12-hour clock (11) [01-12]
%M    minute (48) [00-59]
%m    month (09) [01-12]
%p    either "am" or "pm" (pm)
%S    second (10) [00-61]
%w    weekday (3) [0-6 = Sunday-Saturday]
%x    date (e.g., 09/16/98)
%X    time (e.g., 23:48:10)
%Y    full year (1998)
%y    two-digit year (98) [00-99]
%%    the character `%´
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ya sangat baik dalam tampilan nya
I saw this on Youtube and i though it wwas good, but when i download it and put it on OBS it ran into an error. How do i fix it?
Almost perfect. This script is the best way to present your local date and time while streaming in my opinion. I did try a custom Streamelements widget but none of the customisation was there. This script has all the parameters you could need for date & time but it's missing one element: the ability to change whether or not hours, months, weekdays, etc. have leading zeros. It's not a big deal but having a leading zero on single digit hours of the day (eg. 09:14am instead of 9:14am) means a little less space saved. It also looks uglier with the leading zero in my opinion.
Thank you. was looking a http alternative
I wanted time on my video. I'm very happy that I have found this script. Very simple and easy to use :) Thanks.