Question / Help New Windows Update OBS soft running on iGPU


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So with the recent update you are able to assign specific software to a specific GPU you want it to run on. I trid to set OBS to run on intel HD630 while i play on my GTX 1070 to bypass the render lag with OBS in PUBG (not enough gpu power in gtx1070 i guess). But the sources are not showing anything. Game capture is just a black screen and the desktop capture too .. Any help ?

Suslik V

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Look, it is not the good idea to use different GPUs for game and capturing software or even running the game in SLI/Crossfire, because if obs uses one video card (to render the final output that will be encoded) - it needs to download images from other video card. This is possible when you using system memory as intermediate storage. The option to do this trick known by two names (v21.1.0): SLI/Crossfire Capture Mode (Slow) for Game Capture source and Multi-adapter Compatibility for Window Capture source (and Display Capture in case of win7). It downloads image from one card into system memory, uploads it to other card as texture, this texture combined to other textures, then final image downloaded into the memory again to be encoded by CPU, and then it can be send over network or stored on the disk.

More info: "game capture" techniques from developer.