1. B

    'Blocks' showing up in recording.

    Hey, I have a really old laptop (2013) that has a dedicated gpu with no encoder and generic integrated graphics, but when I'm recording fast-paced videos, some 'blocks' have an overlay on my recording. How do I fix this?
  2. S

    Include YouTube integration in build from source

    Can someone give any guidance on how to get a Windows build correctly configured so that it includes the new YouTube stream setup integration? I tried setting YOUTUBE_CLIENTID. YOUTUBE_SECRET and YOUTUBE_ENABLED as variables in CMake, but the build then fails with: Severity Code...
  3. K

    Question / Help Blackscreen Logfile - After I Tried …..

    Hi, I am having an issue after the most recent OBS update with blackscreen. I have done some research and tried various steps. Windows display settings for OBS set to High Performance NVIDIA settings adjusted to Internal OBS Running on "Administrator" mode OBS in compatibility mode for Windows...
  4. E

    Question / Help Display capture black screen

    I have a gaming laptop with NVIDIA Graphics card and an Intel Integrated card. I have checked and tried all possible ways to fix the famous 'Black screen' in OBS but they seem to not work at all, Here's what I have tried: 1. Changing the preferred card to Integrated 2. Changing the preferred...
  5. MajorGaming

    Discord integration

    Allow the ability to connect Discord and have it let you have discord be a separate audio track so it can be louder than games ( and i know you can just change yourself but some people would like it built in.. And also the ability to announce When your streaming and maybe even display a small...
  6. FeLONe

    Question / Help New Windows Update OBS soft running on iGPU

    So with the recent update you are able to assign specific software to a specific GPU you want it to run on. I trid to set OBS to run on intel HD630 while i play on my GTX 1070 to bypass the render lag with OBS in PUBG (not enough gpu power in gtx1070 i guess). But the sources are not showing...