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I have a Mac with the latest iOS. Downloaded NDI today.
  1. Got a black screen on OBS
  2. Audio works for iPad in OBS, just video is out.
To solve I:
  1. Checked firewall for allowance
  2. Checked Ethernet (turned off and on)
  3. Made sure iPad and computer were on same WiFi
  4. Uninstalled and reinstalled OBS
  5. (In OBS) made display fit to screen.

    Looking for troubleshooting ideas. Please help.

Sanford Lewis

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Mine was working fine and then it suddenly stopped functioning today. iPad is listed as a video display device but it shows up blank in OBS.


Some other things to try:

1. Delete the iOS app you're using to send video and reinstall. (Reboot the iOS device, too, if you haven't already, particularly if you're trying to share the screen, as opposed to using the iOS device's camera.)
2. Make sure you haven't turned on any sort of firewall that might be blocking the traffic.
3. Make sure your network cable is working (you *are* using hardwired Ethernet on that cell phone, right?)
4. Install Sienna NDI Monitor on the Mac. Unlike the official NDI tools from Newtek, Sienna's video monitor app is a self-contained bundle with all the libraries that it needs, so if it sees your device, then the device is fine and the network is fine, and the problem is with the NDI installation on your computer. If it does *not* see the device or can't get video from it, the problem is with the device or your network connection.
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