NDI Crashing OBS With No Crash Reports


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For our Sunday streams we run a dedicated streaming PC running OBS and Reaper. We also utilize an independent MacBook running Propresenter 7, currently on a connected server we run NDI syphon to push lower thirds into our stream. Recently OBS has been crashing when utilizing a NDI source anywhere between 10-30 minutes into the stream with no rhyme or reason why. I have removed OBS studios from %appdata%, updated plugins on both machines, and searched forum after forum with no true fix. Any direction is greatly appreciated.


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Hello! Our setup is almost just the same as yours, except our ProPresenter is on an iMac instead of a MacBook. We are having trouble with NDI as well. It isn't crashing, but it is lagging considerably, and we do have a gigabit connection. I'm following this to see if you get any answers. If you have found any, could you please let me know? In addition to the lyrics via lower thirds, we have also tried to run video and that works sometimes, sometimes not. It has worked smoothly, but more often than not, it is very choppy. I hope you've found a solution!


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Same exact problem just started happening for me.. Using 2 MacBook Pros one running ProPresenter and one running OBS. ProPresenter machine outputting a syphon stream and using NDISyphon to pipe it to the Recording machine running OBS. Have recorded several dozen videos successfully but starting a few weeks back I'm getting random OBS crashes with no crashlog. Started basic troubleshooting including downgrading/reinstalling with no luck. Proceeded to disable/remove sources and removed the NDI overlay. Have not encountered the crash again.
Really any info that may help resolve this would be awesome.


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I'm also having this issue! I've even changed out our network from an unmanaged to managed. I've tested this on multiple laptops as well. Our setup is an iMac Big Sur 11.1 running OBS and MacBook Pro Big Sur 11.2.1 running Propresenter 6. I can't figure out what has changed. We're on OBS 26.1.2


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Having the same crash issues. When using NDI source on OBS 26.1.1 (windows 10). Turning NDI off will result in no crashes. NDI info: SDK W64 Following this thread.