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    Can't detect NDI feed

    Windows 10 Core i9, 64GB RAM, SSD, 10G network (ubiquiti) I have 2 PCs on the same VLAN. PC1 is ingesting an NDI Sony camera into ProPresenter7. Pro7 sends an NDI feed out via NDI (video with lower thirds lyrics). PC2 is able to see both the Sony NDI feed and the ProPresenter 7 feed via NewTek...
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    NDI Crashing OBS With No Crash Reports

    For our Sunday streams we run a dedicated streaming PC running OBS and Reaper. We also utilize an independent MacBook running Propresenter 7, currently on a connected server we run NDI syphon to push lower thirds into our stream. Recently OBS has been crashing when utilizing a NDI source...
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    ProPresenter causes lag in OBS Stream

    For my church, we stream out of OBS but also use Propresenter as our presentation software in house. However, the second I open up PP, it shows an obvious skipping with the camera. We use a Elgato capture card to connect the camcorder to the computer. I bring my own personal PC to the church to...
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    Question / Help Streaming from Propresenter Windows to OBS Mac

    Hi, I work for a church and we have two computer, on one computer(MAC) we use for streaming and the other computer(Windows) we use Propresenter 6. We need to send information from Propresenter to OBS. Right now, on the MAC computer we can see the computer but it doesn't receive any info from...
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    OBS Python ProPresenter Stage Display viewer for OBS V0_1

    This script for OBS studio makes you able to get slide text from Propresenter directly to OBS, without having to record the output and key out the background color. It works by setting one or two text sources to the current slides text. Setup is further described in in the README file in the...