Can't detect NDI feed


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Windows 10
Core i9, 64GB RAM, SSD, 10G network (ubiquiti)

I have 2 PCs on the same VLAN.
PC1 is ingesting an NDI Sony camera into ProPresenter7. Pro7 sends an NDI feed out via NDI (video with lower thirds lyrics).
PC2 is able to see both the Sony NDI feed and the ProPresenter 7 feed via NewTek Studio Monitor. OBS on PC2 is only able to pick up the Sony NDI feed, not Pro7 NDI. I can open Studio Monitor and set it to monitor the Pro7 feed, and then I can tell OBS to pull in that feed from Studio Monitor....but that isn't ideal due to the double-hop and the reliance on Studio Monitor.

Any ideas why it's showing only 1 of the available NDI sources??